What’s Cooking Ho Chi Minh?

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

The food from my motherland! I'm so lucky to be spoiled by a big loving family who makes sure I get to enjoy all these beautiful Vietnamese dishes whenever I visit this jubilant city.

This dish is called bánh khot and is made with mung beans, green onions and a giant prawn on top. Also known as mini Vietnamese crispy pancakes, often served wrapped inside fresh lettuce and plenty of mint and basil leaves dipped in a spicy fish sauce.

This pretty dish is a popular street food called bánh bèo and is made mainly of rice and tapioca flour, steamed to a perfect bouncy consistency with minced dried shrimp and green onions on top.

Freshly caught crab fried in all types of spices, you typically squeeze fresh lime juice over the crab meat and dip it into salt and pepper before devouring the tasty meaty morsels.

Spring rolls are commonly served as, well, a roll, in North America. In HCMC (Ho Chi Minh City), spring rolls or Chả giò is often served in a square cut up into 4 pieces. Minced meat or shrimp is mixed together with fresh and fragrant mashed taro root, wrapped in rice paper then deep fried. To be served over noodles, with a side of rice, or wrapped in lettuce and other fresh herbs - and always with spicy fish sauce.

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    Jenny is passionate about exploring the world and hopes to share a piece of her adventure through her images of food, places and people. She hopes to share some of her favorite travelling tips and tricks and show you where to find hidden gems in different places she visits.


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