That's Amore!

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Pizza in Naples. Now that is love!

First stop in Naples was to break for pizza and stuff ourselves with as much of that delicious Neapolitan slices of heaven as we can.


We tried to get into L'Antica Pizzeria de Michele but unforunately timing did not work out for us. Lucky for us, our amazing driver, Alfredo, who happened to be a native Neapolitan, knew just where to take us. He really helped set us up for the most amazing pizza experience of our lives. He managed to get us a table for six during one of the busiest days of the year in Naples. I ordered the margherita - simple and delicious! Ok, I ordered two margherita pizzas and washed it down with all the vino de casa I could get my hands on.

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    Jenny is passionate about exploring the world and hopes to share a piece of her adventure through her images of food, places and people. She hopes to share some of her favorite travelling tips and tricks and show you where to find hidden gems in different places she visits.


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