How to Spend 48 Hours in Sevilla, Spain (Part II) - Real Alcazar & Paella Hunting

In the first part of this two-part blog post for Sevilla, Spain - we spent the first night exploring the Historic District and filled our bellies with dozens of tapas, and goblets of sangria, and enjoyed an evening at a flamenco show. We got a good night's sleep and immersed ourselves into more of the country's culture fully the next day.

Cooling off on some random steps at the beautiful Real Alcazar.

Royal Alcazar of Seville

I was battling one of the worst colds of all colds, so I decided to listen to my body after having put it through the ringer the week prior in Portugal, and allowed myself to sleep in. So that made our short visit in Seville even shorter. The one thing I did not want to miss out on checking off my must-do list was visiting the Real Alcazar, and it was everything I hoped it to be in real life and more.

Where to Stay

We checked into our rental in the Historic Center. I cannot recommend staying in this area more! Especially if you only have a short stop-over like us. It's walking distance to the Real Alcazar, the Plaza de Espana, the Military Historical Museum of Seville - and there is no shortage of tapas and flamenco bars.

How to Get Around

We arrived via bus from Portugal. They dropped us off at the central terminal and we ordered an Uber to get from there to our AirBnB. Other than the Uber rides to and from the terminal, we went everywhere on foot. The city center is definitely much more walk-able than it is accessible by car.

How to Get In

We were lucky that the queue to enter the palace wasn't very long. We got in without any issues, and paid 12 Euros per person for the entrance fee without a guided tour. In hindsight, I probably would have pre-booked a 'skip-the-line with private tour guide' online before going. But we didn't really have a solid plan for our Sevilla stopover, so exploring the beautiful palace at our leisure was a really great way for us to spend the afternoon. For those who are Game of Thrones fans - you will not be disappointed. The Palace of Dorne was created in the Real Alcazar.

Exploring one of the many beautiful gardens within the walls at the Royal Alcazar of Seville.

What to Wear

We were in Seville during the end of May, and temperature outside was already 30°C by 9am. If you are going during late spring to early fall, I would highly recommend light-weight, breathable fabrics. I wore a chiffon jumpsuit and it kept me nice and cool all day; but after a day of walking around - I was happy to change into a tube top and shorts for happy hour. Sevilla is very casual and laid back, so shorts and cute tops for the evenings was completely acceptable.

Courtyard at the entrance of the Royal Alcazar

Another great way to sight see so you can save your sore feet after dancing all night the night before.

The beautiful dome ceiling in the Hall of the Ambassadors in the Royal Alcazar. Cannot get over how gorgeous the intricate details are, showcasing the historical Moorish design and influence in the area.

One of the best things about Spain (and I've also noticed in Italy) is the many convenient potable water fountains all over the city. I always pack a re-usable water bottle with me every where I go. But of course, I don't have it with me in this photo lol

Hungry for Paella?

The answer is ALWAYS! I was in Spain for about 6 days, and I probably had paella five (or more) times. One of the most memorable paella was in the historical district of Sevilla. We did some research and interviewed a few unsuspecting locals, and found ourselves trekking around downtown with the help of Google map, until we found Gago 6. It was definitely an amazing paella - but I've only landed in Spain for 2 days. I had yet many a paella sampling ahead of me. I would definitely recommend this restaurant - but the best paella of the trip was definitely had in Barcelona.

Full Disclosure: This post was not sponsored nor did I receive any monetary compensation for the content created.

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