Hong Kong, I Love Hong Kong

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Ah HK - always changing, yet always the same. Vibrant, bustling, and for the visitor, always a good time.

Yum Cha!

Heavily influenced by my Chinese heritage, the weekend brunch ritual is one typically full of hot jasmine tea and stacks and stacks of bamboo trays filled with dim sum (Chinese version of tapas, usually served during the daytime). In HK, there are countless fantastic places to experience the traditional Chinese fare, but we found a place with the cutest dim sum on the planet. Mom didn't even tell me not to play with my food here as she was busy playing with her food herself. If you want a more creative and fun spin-off of the traditional dim sum cuisine, head over to Yum Cha (Chinese for literally drink tea, or commonly as let's go for dim sum).

Shop Til You Drop!

Hong Kong is shopper's paradise! You can find pretty much anything your heart desires, from diamond encrusted luxury watches, the hottest trends in street wear, tailor-made three-piece suits, to Hermes and Chanel knock-offs in Ladies Market. After a nice meal of cute dim sum, I like to explore Causeway Bay and all it's funky art galleries, then hop on the Star Ferry (the most inexpensive and scenic way to cross the bay) over to Kowloon and make my way through the crowds to see street buskers along Victoria Harbour.

The Quintessential HK Food

After all that hard work of shopping, gallery-hopping, and head-bopping to street buskers, it is time to break for a light lunch. Wonton noodles - the quintessential Hong Kongnese food. Fresh shrimp dumplings hand-wrapped in thin egg-sheets, served on top a bed of house-made thin egg noodles and clear broth. Simple and heavenly. I cannot leave HK till I get one or four of these bowls of wonton noodle soup in my belly. My favorite spot is Mak's Noodle House.

Quiet Sanctuary

There may be a few other quiet sanctuaries others may recommend, but my favorite go-to break from the crowds and all the walking is to treat my sore toes to a royal treatment. I like to slip into Ten Feet Tall, order a fresh young coconut, and enjoy an hour of total bliss with a foot reflexology or massage.

Seafood Lover's Heaven

I will need to do a separate post on the amazing seafood fares of local HK market-styled restaurants or the best shellfish you can find at small street-side restaurants in Cheung Chau island. But Under Bridge Spicy Crab is definitely not to be missed. Head on in, get yourself a plate of this famous spicy crab, a cold beer and a bib and I promise you, you won't regret it.

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