Dog Sledding in Lake Louise, Alberta

For some people, the snow and cold may give them the winter blues. But for me, winter is a whole other season of wonderful outdoor activities in the great Canadian outdoors! One of my favorite activities is none other than dog-sledding through the Rocky Mountains.

Choosing a Tour Provider

There are a handful of tour providers in the Banff National Park area. In Lake Louise, we chose to go with Kingmik Dogsled Tours. The staff, the doggos, and the tour - all ammmmazing!! There were two tours to choose from: the Narnia, or the Great Divide. Both tours start off the same, where the Great Divide trail is a full hour tour, the Narnia trail is a half hour tour that brings you through the magical snowy forest where you will literally feel like you're on a sleigh-ride in the fantastical land of Narnia. Other tour providers we considered were Snowy Owl, and Howling Dog Tours.

About the Dogs

Some folks asked if it's ethical to go on a dog-sledding tour. I can assure you, I have not seen happier dogs. The dogs are bred for this, they get lots of attention, love, and plenty of exercise. And when they retire, they either live with their adopted family, or they stay with the pack as an elder. You can learn more about the dogs here:

Getting There

From Calgary, it is a short and straightforward 2 hour long drive on Trans-Canada Highway 1. If you are driving in the winter, please remember Canadian winter driving conditions are in an entire different category of defensive driving. Most rental vehicles are equipped with all-season tires, but keep in mind that the roads are slick and there are lots of wildlife in the area. Safe and steady - the drive is so scenic and peaceful - take your time and enjoy the road trip!

Be Prepared

As you are in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in the winter time, it's a really good idea to dress warmly for this activity. You're also sitting in a sleigh, and won't be moving much - so it can get really cold. Here's a list of what you're gonna want to bring with you:

1. Layers - long sleeve and leggings

2. Sweater

3. Winter jacket

4. Ski-pants

5. Wool socks

6. Mitts or gloves - the windproof ones.

7. Scarf or neckwarmer

8. Toes and feet warmer packs

9. Sunglasses (ski maskscan work too)

Check out my favorites on my Amazon list.

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